It hasn't always been a straight path but there's always been two key components to my career - technologies and teaching.

Iain Doherty

Teaching and Learning Innovation


Career in just a few words

Senior Lecturer, Learning Futures, Deakin Learning Futures, Deakin University
A welcome return to Academia leading a team of nine to support the University in implementing strategic teaching and learning goals whilst also supporting the Faculty in local teaching and learning enhancement projects.
Director, eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit, University of Hong Kong
2012-2014 (2 Years 5 Months)
I recruited the team and we worked together to create a highly functioning unit responsible for implementing key aspects of the University's first eLearning Strategy. We were also responsible for the program of work to delivery 4 Massive Open Online Courses on the edX platform.
Director, Learning Technology Unit, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland
2015-2012 (7 Years 10 Months)
This was a nascent team that I built up through collaboration with existing staff and through recruiting new staff. There were many measures of success including an annual project round that saw 20 + eLearning project submissions each year.
2014-2016 (2 Years)
A brief excursus from Academia because I wanted to be in an environment where managers simply managed. I learned one heck of a lot of about operational management but I missed the intellectual milieu of the University.
Director, Learning and Teaching Innovation, Navitas Professional and English Programs