Iain Doherty

Teaching and Learning Innovation


All things teaching and learning

Formal Teaching
There two reasons why I try to teach at least one course every year. The first reason is that I really enjoy everything about teaching from creating courses that will engage and motivate students through to being there to support students in achieving the best outcomes that they are able to achieve. The second reason is that I have no place working on teaching enhancement projects if I am not at the coal face teaching students.
Capability Development
I'd never really thought of designing, developing and delivering capability development workshops as "teaching" until a Head of School at Auckland wrote me a reference saying I was a great teacher in my own right. He'd only every seen me run workshops and it dawned on me that I had been teaching during the literally hundreds of workshops that I had run over the years. Right now I'm still running workshops whilst also teaching into a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning.
Teaching Enhancement
I've worked collaboratively on a significant number of large scale teaching and learning projects over the years. At The University of Hong Kong I led a program of work to develop the University's first Massive Open Online Courses. At the same time I worked alongside my team to design and develop the courses. This is my standard modus operandi - lead and be deeply immersed in the work that needs to be done to deliver a successful project outcome. I have maintained this approach at Deakin.