crimson004004.jpg The origins of the word "research" suggest that it has to do with "going about seeking".But to what end. Do we employ wisdom in our research endeavors?

Dialing Doherty

Teaching and Learning Innovation


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Right now I'm seeking to continue with the approaches that I have always taken with research - action research and design research. The emphasis in each case is on immersion in teaching and learning contexts in order to find solutions to real problems. However, truth be told the first eighteen month in my position at Deakin have seen me concentrating on my management responsibilities. With processes, procedures and related documentation in place, I can turn my attention to work collaboratively with my team to establish a substantive research platform.
My research generally focuses on whether or not any particular educational intervention has been effective. This approach - which follows from a very pragmatic orientation towards the reality of the educational space - has played out in a number of ways. First, I've published around curriculum and course developments aimed at enhancing teaching and learning. I've also published in the area of delivering professional development for teaching staff. Finally, I've been involved in large scale research projects resulting in multiple collaborative publications.
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