Iain Doherty

Teaching and Learning Innovation


A reasonably succinct summary of my career

Way back in the mists of time I was an undergraduate in the Religious Studies Department at The University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I didn't apply myself particularly well in my first year but in my second year I realized I would likely not have another opportunity to apply myself to an undergraduate degree. I focussed and graduated with the a 1st Class Honors degree, the first to be awarded in the department for over ten years.
I moved on to postgraduate study starting with an M.Litt that was funded by a British Academy Scholarship. Then I decided I wanted to do a PhD as deeper questions had presented themselves. I was awarded a University of Edinburgh Arts Scholarship and held this concurrently with the British Academy Scholarship. My PhD took rather a long time and so I financed myself in a number of ways including ecturing at Stirling University.

The external examiner was a Cambridge Don who suggested that the word count was rather lacking. I suggested that I had been succinct and we agreed that another chapter would be superfluous. So with my oral examination over I headed back to a cafe where I was working part-time. Soon after, I realized that I didn't want to be an Academic Philosopher - there's more to life than thinking - and so I explored new directions.
I taught myself the basics of web design, desktop publishing and graphic design and founded and published a magazine on religion and philosophy. Six editions later I sold the title to a local book shop and took up a position at the University of Edinburgh Management School. Within 12 months I was running their program to put their MBA online in the earliest days of "elearning". The rest is history and is covered in my curriculum vitae.