I once had to explain my career trajectory to a group of school students whom I was mentoring. It was not an easy task.

Iain Doherty

Teaching and Learning Innovation


A reasonably succinct summary of my career

Way back in the mists of time I was an undergraduate in the Religious Studies Department at The University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. I pretty much wasted my first year - probably not unique in this respect - and then in the second year I realized I would not have the opportunity again to apply myself to an undergraduate degree. I focussed and graduated with the first 1st Class Honors degree to be awarded in the department for over ten years.

I moved on to postgraduate study starting with an M.Litt that was funded by a British Academy Scholarship. Then I decided I wanted to do a PhD as deeper questions had presented themselves. I was awarded a University of Edinburgh Arts Scholarship and held this concurrently with the British Academy Scholarship. My PhD took rather a long time and so I financed myself through lecturing at Stirling University, working in the National Library of Scotland, working in a bakery and working in a cafe.

The external examiner was a Cambridge Don who suggested that the word count was rather lacking. I suggested that I had been succinct and we agreed that another chapter would be superfluous. So with my oral interrogation over I headed back to the cafe for my lunchtime shift. I may have made soup. I knew I didn't want to be an Academic Philosopher - there's more to life than thinking - and so I explored new directions.

I taught myself web design, desktop publishing and graphic design and founded and published a magazine on religion and philosophy. Six editions later I sold the title to a local book shop and took a position at the University of Edinburgh Management School. Within 12 months I was running their program to put their MBA online. My career took various turns until I was appointed as the Director of the eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit at the The University of Auckland.

The rest is history and the details can be found in my curriculum vitae.