Iain Doherty

Learning and Teaching Innovation

ABCN Mentoring
ABCN provides structured mentoring programs for students by partnering them with business professionals.

It has been a rich and rewarding experience to participate in the Team Mentoring Program (2014) and the Aspirations Program (2015).
ABCN Mentoring Program
Making Serendipity Work
Planning Your Career

Serendipity and Courage

Since joining Navitas I've participated in the Australian Business Community Network Mentoring program for school students. This year the focus was student aspirations / career paths. It was fascinating and challenging to try to explain to the students how I got to where I am. The same was true for the other mentors. In the end two fundamental truths merged. A career is as much about serendipity as it is about careful planning. Secondly, it is courage that carries the day. The courage to take opportunities and to live with uncertainty.
Director, Learning and Teaching Innovation, Navitas Professional and English Programs (2014-present)
Strategic and operational planning, leading curriculum developments; managing the development and delivery of innovative professional development opportunities; managing a research agenda aligned with business needs; and creating and maintaining a productive,fulfilling and rewarding work environment.
Director, eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit, The University of Hong Kong (2012-2014)
Provide leadership in eLearning pedagogy; support Faculties in the implementation of the university’s eLearning strategy; monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of its implementation across the University; design, develop and deliver effective professional development opportunities; engage with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

The core skill of innovators is error recovery not failure avoidance - Pixar

Director, Learning Technology Unit, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, The University of Auckland (2005-2012)
Provide strategic and operational leadership for the Learning Technology Unit; establish policies procedures and processes to ensure efficient and effective operations; establish and maintain relationships with key stakeholders; lead curriculum and course development projects; lead in the provision of professional development for teaching staff; engage in a program of research.

Attributes of Courage

Unbelievable Passion
Multiple Commitments